6 Instances Where the Services of a Family Law Attorney Are Crucial

Posted on: 20 November 2020

Family law deals with domestic and familial matters. While every family should have a lawyer represent them in any legal matters, some people don't see the need to hire a family lawyer. This article discusses why you need a family law attorney.

Property Issues

Family lawyers will help you solve all legal issues associated with your family property. For instance, if you want to divide family property, the lawyer will help you get the right documents and use the right processes to avoid legal issues. Also, they will go through all the papers to ensure that the property is protected. 


When you want to adopt a child, your family lawyer will help you find the best adoption agency or parents. If you work with an adoption agency, they will trace the whereabouts of the child's biological parents to avoid issues that may arise in the future. Besides, they will explain to you the steps of the adoption process to do it the right way. 

Name Changes

If you want to change your child's name, a family law attorney will help you fill the right forms and take you through the process of filing for a name change petition.  


It is vital to pick a guardian for your child (s) to keep them safe if anything happens. The guardian will be legally allowed to assume financial, medical, and personal responsibilities for the child once they are in their care. Your family lawyer will advise you on the most appropriate guardianship type for you. They will also provide you with legal paperwork to sign for the guardian to be appointed.

Prenuptial Agreement

Before a couple is married, they can choose to sign a prenuptial agreement that defines property owned by each party and how they can be divided in case of dissolution of marriage. A family law attorney can help you draft this contract. Besides, the lawyer will help you understand it in-depth. 


When marriages come to an end, the process doesn't need to always be done in court. Your family law attorney can act as a mediator and help you develop a fair plan for property division, child custody, and alimony, among others. The lawyer will remain objective and help both of you make the right decisions. If mediation doesn't work, you can move to court.

Family lawyers can help you when you are in any of these situations. Always hire a lawyer to help you with any family legal issue.