How to Prepare for the First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

Posted on: 15 November 2021

For most people, the first meeting with a divorce lawyer symbolises the beginning of the end of their marriage. Therefore, it is no wonder some people delay talking to a divorce lawyer, hoping they can work things out with their partner. However, this can be the wrong way of looking at things because meeting a divorce lawyer is the first step towards having a stress-free life. Notably, a divorce lawyer understands what you are going through and can assist you throughout the process. Therefore, you must start on the right note to get the most out of your consultation with your divorce lawyer. This article highlights tips for meeting a divorce lawyer for the very first time.

Consider Your Preferred Outcome

Perhaps the first question a lawyer will ask is the outcome you expect from a divorce process. Most people are taken aback by the question and struggle to understand what their lawyers mean. Notably, a divorce lawyer works under a client's instructions. Therefore, if you don't know what you want from a divorce, a lawyer will find it challenging to help you. Even if your preferred outcome seems far-fetched, your lawyer will help you find a workable solution. For instance, if you are a housewife, your preferred outcome could be financial support and part of your ex-husband's estate. In this case, a divorce lawyer will make sure you receive a fair settlement.

Bring Someone with You

The first consultative meeting with a divorce lawyer is mainly an information gathering session. Therefore, you must be ready to talk about personal issues you might not be comfortable sharing with a stranger. Thus, lawyers often advise clients to only agree to a meeting when they are ready to talk about sensitive topics. In this regard, asking a close friend or family member to accompany you to the meeting is perhaps the best approach. During your discussions with a divorce lawyer, they can act as a support system and even help articulate your issues better when you find it difficult to speak freely.

List Your Biggest Worries

Anyone going through a divorce has their fair share of worries. The anxiety mainly involves child custody and support, financial assistance and emotional wellbeing. You might think that a divorce lawyer does not need the information, but they do. Your worries give a divorce lawyer a sneak peek of your mental state so that they can establish whether you are in the right frame of mind to go through the divorce process. If you are struggling mentally, a divorce lawyer can recommend a family psychiatrist to help you navigate the anxiety.

For more information, contact a local family lawyer.